Bris Sample Menu

All the food delivered

bris menu


Small Challah Rolls: Plain, Crumb, Cinnamon, Chocolate
Assorted Bagels
Ceremonial Challah - optional
French Toast - Made with assorted Challahs, served with Real Maple Syrup


Scrambled Eggs
Eggs Frittata - Optional
Tuna Salad - Plattered
Lox, Plattered with Capers and olive oil
Whitefish Salad and Whitefish - Optional


Home Fries
Cream Cheeses - All Homemade: Plain, Scallion, Vegetable
Platter of; Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion & Sour Pickles
Cereal for the Kinderluch
All Condiments


Fruit Salad
Israeli Salad
Greek Feta Salad


Fresh Brewed Coffee
Hot water
Orange Juice
Chocolate Milk
Half & Half

Yummy Stuff:

Assorted Mini Muffins
Warm Cinnamon buns with Real Cream Cheese Frosting

All the food will be plattered and ready to serve, plastic serving pieces included.

Our facility is nut free.

We also provide foils and wrapping so people can make sandwiches.....of course!

Paper goods, tablecloths, centerpieces, tables if needed are additional.

Waitstaff is additional plus tipping.

Egg station or any station is additional.

Looking forward to enhancing your simcha!

Contact us for pricing.